Jim Henderson's Commentary: Saints defeat Chargers

Jim Henderson's Commentary: Saints defeat Chargers

(WVUE) - After a September to be dismembered the Saints turned the page of the calendar to a new month and a fresh - if belated - start to the season yesterday.

October is the fallen leaf and the risen Saints. They have never had a losing month of October under Sean Payton. And thanks to the fourth quarter largesse of the Chargers yesterday, there's a reason to think the pleasin' season has arrived right on schedule with the first "cold" front.

Have the Saints once again finally turned on when your air conditioner has finally turned off?

It's just a single game that was given to the Saints yesterday, so logic would argue that more of September's problems await. But as the hurricane season dies, it seems much of our passion for life is re-born in South Louisiana.

Can it only be coincidence that Tulane, LSU and the Saints all were victorious for the first time this season on October's first weekend?  Everything just feels different in October - a lot different and a lot better.

It's still a Monday, but it's a Monday in October. The start of another glorious week of weather kicked off after a victory instead of ticked off after another defeat.

Thanks to the NFL schedule-maker, Saints fans get to enjoy the first win of the season through the first two Sundays of October, courtesy of this week's bye.

Time to enjoy both.

It's fall...and football...y'all.

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