Tulane students on alert after woman is forced into car near campus

Tulane students on alert after woman is forced into car near campus

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The NOPD on Tuesday released a composite sketch of the man they believe is responsible for the kidnapping and sexual battery of a Tulane University student.

News of what happened at the intersection of Broadway and Freret streets on Sunday has Tulane students talking.

"It was kind of scary to know that it was so close to campus. I mean, it was right here, we all walk this path all the time. Like, I have friends that walk it all hours of the night. Usually campus is pretty safe, but I don't know. There is a freak occurrence every now and again," said Tulane student Raphael Miller.

"It's definitely made other students nervous, like, no one wants to be put in that position," said Tulane student Ilyssa Gainsely.

Police said the suspect forced the Tulane student into his car around 4:15 a.m. The victim told investigators he assumed she was a prostitute and demanded sex. After she told him she was a Tulane student and not a prostitute, he dropped her off in the 8200 block of Willow Street. Investigators said he then slapped her on the buttocks as she got out of the car.

Students we talked to said they already take precautions to protect themselves, like staying in groups. But, they'll be even more careful after hearing what happened.

"Just really try to make sure everyone is aware of what's going on, saying, okay, tonight even though sometimes we do tend to break off into twos and threes, when we go in a big group let's really try to stay together," said Tulane student Lexi Rubin.

According to a crime alert from the Tulane University Police Department, the suspect was in a silver, "passenger-style" car and told the victim he had a gun and to not resist. The alert also said he drove to the interstate, but the victim begged him to bring her back to the Tulane campus.

The NOPD said the suspect is described as about 6' tall around 250 pounds, in his mid- to late-30s, bald with a light to medium complexion. We're told he was also wearing a Polo-style shirt and dark jeans.

If you have any information about this case, or know who the suspect is, call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.

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