David: Hot weather is back

David: Hot weather is back

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Temperatures will run above normal through the rest of the week with most areas reaching the mid to upper 80's to near 90 in the afternoons. A little more humidity will creep in as well. Rain looks to be non-existent outside of a stray coastal shower on Wednesday.

Right now, it appears the next cold front arrives on Saturday. There are some differences concerning how strong the front will be, but, at the very least, drier air is expected by Sunday.

Hurricane Matthew remains a Category 4 hurricane. The entire Bahamian island chain will be affected by this storm. Call ahead if you have travel plans to any of the affected areas.

Matthew could bring hurricane conditions to Florida by Thursday. Additional problems are possible for the Carolinas by this weekend. The storm is expected to be a major hurricane when it affects the US Coastline.

Tropical Storm Nicole has formed in the Atlantic well east of Matthew but is expected to remain at sea.

-David Bernard

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