Mid-City Neighborhood Organization paying homeowners to install cameras

Mid-City Neighborhood Organization pays residents for crime cameras

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The Mid-City Neighborhood Organization is putting up money to reimburse homeowners willing to install cameras that could help police investigate crimes.

The program, which reimburses homeowners for the cost of their camera equipment, requires homeowners to focus their cameras on city rights-of-way and sign up for the city's SafeCam Nola program.

"We especially wanted to help people kind of reach past the initial investment that it takes to have cameras," said Bonnie Garrigan, the administrator of the camera program for MCNO.

So far, a few dozen homeowners have taken advantage of the program, which is funded through a grant from the Mid-City Security District, and now the MCNO is shifting to a second phase that would reimburse homeowners the cost of the camera equipment and installation if they're in a designated hot spot.

"The second phase is focused in some hotspot areas that were identified by the neighborhood security district as well as NOPD, as really hotspot areas that we can really help address through the camera program," Garrigan said.

The hope is to encourage residents like Jamie and Stephen MacDonald, who joined the program early, to put more virtual eyes on the streets of Mid-City.

"It's obviously worth it for the neighborhood because the more surveillance that we have it helps the NOPD especially since they need all the help they can get," MacDonald said.

The MacDonalds have already helped police in one case, giving them a video, but they say the added security camera provides peace of mind.

"We typically have really nice neighbors and everything is really nice, but every once in a while we'll have some incident happen and it feels good to know we have that extra little step," MacDonald said.

Residents who are interested in the program can reach out to the MCNO@camera@mcno.org.

The hot spots identified by NOPD and the MCSD are listed below:

  • 100 South Lopez facing Canal Street
  • South Pierce and Ulloa facing Tulane or Carrollton
  • 500 block of South Scott near Ulloa
  • Banks and Broad
  • Bienville and Gayoso
  • 500 block of South Alexander
  • 4000 block of Iberville
  • 4200 block of D’Hemecourt
  • Palmyra and Olympia
  • 500 block of North St. Patrick
  • 300 block of North Rendon

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