Unlocked cars in Lakeview make it easy for thieves

Unlocked cars in Lakeview make it easy for thieves

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - "It's been an ongoing problem. It's my understanding that a lot of cars have been riffled through," said Christopher Coniglio.

Video from Gull Street in Lake Vista shows two men checking car door handles Wednesday around 1:30 a.m.

"A lot of the doors have been unlocked, and that's kind of giving them an avenue to get into some of these vehicles," Coniglio said.

The vehicles in the video were locked, but unfortunately that wasn't the case just down the street where police said the suspects struck a few minutes later.

"Between the streets and crime, it's kind of frustrating in Lakeview these days," Coniglio said.

Early Tuesday morning, thieves struck in the Lakeshore neighborhood on General Haig.

"He had his suburban unlocked and had an extra key to his wife's Mercedes in it. Somebody checked the door handles, got into the car, saw the keys and then drove off in the Mercedes. The car was unlocked," said Byron Casey, president of the Lakeshore Crime Prevention District.

Minutes after that happened, another unlocked car was broken into around the corner on Emerald Street.

"He left his wallet in his unlocked car, and it had $1,500 or $1,400. Now he's missing $1,400 because he didn't lock his car," Casey said.

Casey said while there are security patrols, the crimes could have been prevented if the owners had simply locked their doors.

"Metro can't be every place at one time. If you don't lock your doors, it's your own fault. We've had loaded guns taken out of unlocked vehicles," Casey said.

Casey said the Crime Prevention District has also installed 30 cameras throughout the area to help catch the thieves, but he's hoping homeowners get the message about locking their doors.

"If you want to protect your property, you've got to take the steps to do it. Lock your doors," he said.

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