City of Kenner opens inquiry into Yenni's Youth Advisory Council

City of Kenner opens inquiry into Yenni's Youth Advisory Council

JEFFERSON PARISH, LA (WVUE) - The City of Kenner is opening an inquiry to determine if there was inappropriate behavior involving past and present members of former Mayor Mike Yenni's Youth Advisory Council.

The inquiry comes a day after Kenner councilman Gregory Carroll released a statement calling for an investigation into Yenni's Youth Advisory Council after the Parish President admitted to sending "inappropriate texts to a young man," in a commercial released Thursday.

In the commercial, Yenni said that he sent the texts in the summer of 2015. He then apologized to all families involved and to the citizens of Jefferson Parish.

The following is the statement Carroll released Friday night:

"I can no longer sit by and remain silent after viewing Parish President Yenni's public commercial. It was clear then that these were no longer allegations, but were admitted facts. 

At the time this young boy was propositioned, Mr. Yenni was the mayor of Kenner. As a Councilman in Kenner, I have a moral and ethical duty to protect our citizens.

Therefore, I plead with Mr. Yenni to resign his post, and let this parish begin to heal.  

Just as important to me as his resignation, I call upon authorities to do a full investigation into then Mayor Yenni's Youth Advisory Board.  This board consisted of over twenty teenagers who were selected by Yenni.  As more and more facts come forward, we have an obligation to make sure that there was no wrongdoing to these and any other young teens within his reach.  Considering the gravity of his admitted wrongdoing, it worth the question."

Yenni responded with a brief statement, Saturday. It was his first since releasing the commercial.

The following is Yenni's response, released by his office, on Carroll's statement:

"I support Councilman Carroll's willingness to talk to the participants in the Youth Advisory Committee."

Every member of the Jefferson Parish Council along with Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand has stated that Yenni should resign from his position as parish president.

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