Louisiana candidates distance themselves from Donald Trump

Mike Sherman breaks down last night's presidential debate

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Presidential politics have had their impact on local races, especially in the race for David Vitter's open U.S. Senate seat.

After Donald Trump's recently revealed comments about women, candidates are forced to distance themselves from the Republican presidential nominee.

It's an unpopular position to stand by Trump in the wake of the comments, from a 2005 interview in which he speaks of aggressively hitting on women.

Add to that running on the same platform as the GOP candidate and for a senate seat, and it creates an interesting political dynamic.

Such is the case for republican candidates Charles Boustany and John Fleming, who are each hoping to fill a senate seat in Washington.

Both have joined with their democratic rivals in denouncing Trump's past comments, calling them chauvinistic and reprehensible.

Mike Sherman, Fox8 political analyst says Republicans are running their campaigns as a check to a potential Hillary Clinton White House.

"Right now what we're seeing is a requirement on voters asking their Republican candidates how they feel about Donald Trump's comments," Sherman said. "He is the standard-bearer of the party right now, he's the top of the ticket."

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