Jefferson Parish school board member calls on Yenni to resign

Jefferson Parish school board expected to weigh in on Yenni texting controversy

HARVEY, LA (WVUE) - A Jefferson Parish School Board member plans today to ask for Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni to step down.

She also wants the school system to ban him from visiting schools.

School board members will hold a special meeting tonight here and at least one board member, Sandy Denopolis-Borsage, says she wants Yenni out as parish president.

The embattled politician spoke publicly last night for the first time since admitting to sending text messages to a 17-year-old stirring controversy throughout the parish.

Multiple leaders in the parish have called on Yenni to resign including the coroner, the assessor and the clerk of court.

Denopolis-Bosarge, says she plans to propose banning Yenni from public schools in the parish.

For his part, Yenni has said he will not leave his position and spoke directly to the people of Jefferson parish.

"I apologize, I made that point to them through the release we did last week and people make mistakes and I'm gonna move forward and work harder than I've ever worked," Yenni said. "They know I'm going to be the leader they elected now, just last year at this time."

Another Jefferson Parish governing body said it will draft a statement later today calling on Yenni to resign.

The Mayor of Westwego, Johnny Shaddinger, Jr, says the city council voted unanimously on drafting that statement.

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