Workout Wednesday: Cardio Boost

Workout Wednesday: Cardio Boost

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Noel Teen, manager and personal trainer at Franco's on Magazine Street shows us a full body cardio routine.

1. Step and punch - Step forward with right foot while punching forward with the right fist.  From here, on same side, step out to side with right foot and punch to the side. Repeat forward and laterally 10 times in a row. This exercise should be repeated on the left foot. This is a full body cardio warm up.

2. High Knees - Running in place, getting knees level with hip height. Keep weight in your toes when you strike the ground. This works the core, calves, and hip flexors. Adding a running arm motion helps to get the knees up and the heart rate as well.

3. Lateral skaters - This exercise tones the glutes, hamstrings, thighs and core. Start in a small squat and leap to the left landing on left leg. Right leg coasts behind the left. Reverse to the right side. Focus on landing each leap and working on stabilizing your body back and forth.

Try these exercises back to back within a 10-minute time period.

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