Trial begins for man accused in Metairie double murder

Trial begins for man accused in Metairie double murder

GRETNA, LA (WVUE) - Opening statements are underway in the murder trial of Dexter Allen who is accused of killing a Metairie father and son.

Prosecutors opened their arguments to jurors, telling them this was a brutal crime committed with a shotgun that leaves brutal wounds.

David and Nicholas Pence were killed in April of last year inside their Metairie home.

Prosecutors say David pence was shot three times, his son Nicholas, twice.

Jefferson Parish deputies say Allen and a woman, Haraquon Hegruy, were on a crime spree in the neighborhood when they stopped at the Pence home.

Allen allegedly entered the home through a side door and shot both David and Nicholas as their wife and mother, Elizabeth, slept in her bedroom.

According to the prosecutors, Elizabeth called 911.

Nicholas Pence was still breathing at that point and prosecutors say the jurors will hear Nicholas Pence's last breaths on that 911 tape as his mother tried to perform CPR.

There are no eyewitnesses to the crime because as prosecutors say, they were both killed.

After the prosecution wraps up, Allen's attorney Jerome Matthews open his client's defense.

Opening statements are expected to last through the day.

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