911 recordings played during Metairie father and son murder trial

911 recordings played during Metairie father and son murder trial

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Just before midnight on April 22, 2015, the wife and mother of David and Nicholas Pence discovered her loved ones shot inside their Metairie home on Clifford Drive.

Wednesday, the father and son's accused killer, Dexter Allen, as well as those in the courtroom heard the fearful moments after the gruesome discovery.

During the 911 recording, the widow is first heard shouting to dispatchers, "My husband is dead, and my son is dead."

The dispatcher asked, "What happened"?

The widow responded, "I don't know...I was sleeping in my bed when I heard a noise."

The dispatcher asked, "Are they breathing?" to which she says "My son just moved...he's choking."

The dispatcher instructs the mother, "give him 30 chest compressions."

The widow is then heard saying, "stay with me Nick," while counting but fails to reach 30 as she is overcome with emotion.

She then tells the dispatcher "He's dead. He's dead."

More than twenty people testified against Allen Wednesday.

Investigators accuse Allen of going on a 19 car burglary crime spree with Haroquan Degruy through the Metairie neighborhood.

Degruy is accused of first robbing a woman at gunpoint in New Orleans stealing her white SUV, which investigators say was the getaway car for the murders.

The carjacking victim spoke outside of court.

"He's just a bad person. I mean he took my vehicle and then he went on to do whatever he wanted to do with those people he murdered. It's sad. That's why I moved out of the State of Louisiana. I'm in Georgia now," the victim said.

There were no eyewitnesses to the murders, but prosecutors say several pieces of evidence discovered after Allen was captured, including a shotgun link him to the crime.

Investigators say they found a shotgun underneath Allen's mother's home and allege it is the murder weapon.

Jefferson Parish Deputies say five shots were fired at the scene.

Investigators found four shotgun shells in the Metairie home and another shell matching the others inside the shotgun chamber.

In a surprise move during the trial, Allen's defense attorney did not make an opening statement.

"There's no opening statement today just because we don't want to tell the prosecution what the defense is right now. We want to keep that a little bit closer to our chest, and you'll see it when everybody else sees it," Allen's attorney Jerome Matthews said.

The victim's widow is expected to testify in the murder trial.

Prosecutors say they have 50 witnesses that are going to testify on their behalf.

The trial continues Thursday and is expected to last at least more than a week.

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