NOPD hopes to foster better relations with 'engagement night out'

NOPD holds community engagement meetings

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - All eight New Orleans Police district stations will host the first ever "community engagement night out."

Police Chief Michael Harrison says it's part of a continued effort to keep a dialogue with its citizens in neighborhoods across the city.

The meetings, which were previously planned, come after a night of violence and a week from a deadly shooting in Mid-City.

At the meetings police say citizens will meet with independent mediators who they'll address their concerns to, those concerns then will be prioritized and given to station commanders.

Chief says the department is working on addressing at least one lingering concern ahead of hearing from citizens.

"We still need to work on response times but that's going to be a matter of adding more officers and then reducing the workload from the officers who are already out there performing," Harrison said.

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