Jury hears testimony, sees graphic crime scene photos in Dexter Allen murder trial

Jury hears testimony, sees graphic crime scene photos in Dexter Allen murder trial

GRETNA, LA (WVUE) - Testimony resumed in the murder trial of Dexter Allen, who is accused killing a Metairie father and his son.

The jury heard from crime scene technicians and Jefferson Parish deputies who were the first to arrive on the scene where David and Nicholas Pence were shot to death.

They also got their first look at graphic photos from the scene.

Allen is on trial for two counts of second-degree murder. David and Nicholas Pence were killed inside their home last April. Authorities say Allen Dexter Allen was on a crime spree in the neighborhood when he decided to enter the pence home through an open side door.

Deputy Kendrick Richardson responded to the murder scene. Richardson said he could smell the gunpowder in the air when he arrived at the house.

Richardson said he secured the scene to make sure the gunman was not still at the scene. He saw a David Pence with a gunshot wound in a chair where he was shot while he slept.

Richardson testified Elizabeth Pence, the wife and mother of the victims, was moved to the back of the house.

"She was very, very calm and she kept repeating why would somebody shoot my son and my husband," Richardson said.

Elizabeth Pence was not initially ruled out as a suspect because her demeanor was odd and she was covered in blood after attempting to revive her dying son with CPR, Richardson said.

She was questioned for seven hours by police before she was cleared as a suspect. She is scheduled to testify in the trial as early as Thursday afternoon.

Former Jefferson Parish Detective Jerry Pettit took the stand and told the jury he was responsible for taking pictures and collecting evidence at the crime scene.

Photos show projectiles picked up by crime lab technicians but showed no obvious signs of forced entry into the Pence home.

Elizabeth Pence, along with other family members were in the courtroom but kept their heads down as pictures from the crime scene were shown to the jury.

The prosecution's first witness was Yvette Burst who testified she had her car stolen the night David and Nicholas Pence were killed.

The prosecution called 19 witnesses to the stand Wednesday on the first day of the trial.

The trial could wrap up early next week.

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