City Park officials want ideas for undeveloped land

City Park officials want ideas for undeveloped land

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Dozens of residents took the first step in defining the future of a major portion of land in City Park Saturday morning.

The park hosted a citizen's comment workshop to discuss possible ideas for the land between the interstate and Harrison Avenue, which hasn't been developed since Katrina.

"There's existing uses on the property, but basically it's unplanned and we want to develop an amendment to our masterplan. So basically this is a step in asking people what they think," said Bob Becker, CEO of City Park.

"It was nice to sit down with people from all different types of groups or interest and actually have a common purpose, to keep the land green, undeveloped, and available for use for everyone," said Joe Burback, an avid disc golfer at the park.

Burback was joined by other disc golfing enthusiasts to show their support for the open space where they practice their sport. They said it's a low impact activity that leaves plenty of room for others looking to enjoy the outdoors.

"There's bird watching, there's people out there who play disc golf and we'd like to keep that space as open and free use as possible to the public, because it's green space that is really valuable for people to access," said Christopher Lane, the President of the City Park for Everyone Coalition.

Lane and his group also want to see minimal impact to the current land, in hopes of ensuring a natural space that anyone can enjoy.

"We have wonderful activities and amenities in the park, but we think we need to have some that is just open and free use to the public," Lane said.

"Whether you want to picnic, walk your dog, or casual jog without the traffic, it's available for everyone to use," Burback said.

Many people who already use the green space agree, there's no need for large development on the plot of land in City Park.

"There's people who just play golf, play frisbee, play little lawn sports and it's nice having a free open environment to do that without a specific designation for that area like a dog park or field or stadium of some sort," said Matthew Kennedy.

City Park will hold a second meeting in November for additional public input and hopes to have proposals for the master plan around the beginning of next year. Click here for more information.

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