Juan's World: Saints hit the reset button after beating Panthers

Juan's World: Saints hit the reset button after beating Panthers

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan's World where, if we truly break down the Saints win against the Panthers on Sunday, all it was was one win, right?

When it happened, how it happened, against whom it happened mean the answer is an emphatic NO!!!

When: Coming out of the bye week after having won your first game two weeks prior to head 'in' to the bye week.

How: By taking the game to the Panthers. By establishing a Dome-Field-Advantage early against Carolina. That DFA has been missing since 2013. For a day, it showed up.

Who: As in, who it happened against. A Carolina team that has had the Saints number. The Panthers had won the last three against the Saints, with back to back Dome wins included in that number.

So the Saints were way overdue against this NFC South rival. The Saints needed to add to the Panthers misery. They're now 1-and-5 and all but forgotten in the race for a playoff spot.

The Saints, meanwhile, at 2-and-3, are feeling good about what lies ahead. They've got a trip to Kansas City coming next Sunday and they'll ride a two-game win streak in Arrowhead Stadium.

Yes, the Black and Gold will be underdogs, but they've been that since the season began and especially the past two games. Two games that they found a way to win. That's what good teams do.

We probably should pump the breaks on the Saints being a good team right now but all signs are pointing at the Saints being 'IN THAT NUMBER' very soon.

Juan's World, Juan's World...Excellent!!!!

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