Saints fans walk a little taller after a win

Saints fans walk a little taller after a win

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A Monday in New Orleans isn't as challenging to over come when the run up a 'w' the day before.

"Of course I'm gonna say all the way to the Super Bowl," said Renee Augustus, a very optimistic fan.

Treading into confident territory, some fans won't shy away from bold claims, especially riding on such a high, and there's no denying that feeling of being a step about the rest, like the 'dirty birds.'

"I think we're getting better every week -- and the Falcons are getting worse -- oh don't even start with the Falcons," converted Saints fan, Bobbi Brothers said.

During a game that walked a fine line, Monday's boastful march didn't come without its missteps.

"I hate the cliffhangers," said Steve Lindsley, another Saints fan.

"I was a little upset at first because we was up by 21 and then we let em' come back," Augustus added.

The road won't get any easier next week, the Saints will take on the Chiefs in Missouri then return on week 8 to face the Seahawks at the Superdome.

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