Restoration begins inside historic Gallier Hall

Restoration begins inside historic Gallier Hall

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Inside the historic Gallier Hall, specialists are taking artwork that has been around for centuries and bringing it back to life as part of a restoration project.

Funds are starting to pour in to restore the treasures inside what was once the seat of government in New Orleans.

"I'm cleaning up and polishing this mantle clock," said Elizabeth Holt, an art restorer.

"I am removing old varnish that has yellowed over time," added Darcie Flinn, another restorer.

Their work is different, but the goal is the same.

"We've been trained in such a way that whatever we do can be undone in case it needs to be undone," Holt said.

Those whose job it is to keep the funds flowing for the restoration say they have $500,000 of the $5 million they need to fund it.

"We have a lot of proposals out to foundations and local corporations, so we hope to reach our goal and finish the project," said Scott Hutcheson from the city's Office of Cultural Economy.

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