Inspector General: Orleans Parish among the most dangerous places for pedestrians

Inspector General: New Orleans is a dangerous place for pedestrians

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A new report from the New Orleans Office of the Inspector General says New Orleans is one of the most dangerous places in Louisiana for pedestrians.

Of all parishes in the state, the inspector general says Orleans Parish the deadliest for anyone who walks on city streets.

The report found that 87 percent of intersections in the city, with some kind of traffic signal did not have a signal for pedestrian traffic, leaving anyone on foot to decide for themselves when to cross.

The report found twice as many pedestrian injuries in Orleans than in Jefferson or East Baton Rouge parishes.

The report also found that the "informal policy" of the Department of Public Works discouraged installation of crosswalk signals and made what were termed a "gut call" when it came to what kind of signals to install at these intersections.

The city says it will install 500 new signals and crosswalks this Fall, reconstruct thousands of curbs, passageways and sidewalks around the city.

Approximately $1.3 dollars has already been spent installing new crosswalk signals.

  • To increase pedestrian safety, the OIG offered the following recommendations:
  • The City should develop and implement a pedestrian crossing signal policy that increases the number of pedestrian crossing signals in New Orleans
  • The City should build internal organizational structures that will help achieve the pedestrian goals in the Master Plan and the Complete Streets ordinance
  • Public investments in infrastructure should be compliant with ADA standards and the DPW’s ADA Transition Plan
  • The City should develop a GIS-based asset management system for traffic equipment and other street infrastructure
  • The City should develop an inspection and maintenance program infrastructure at signalized intersections to improve performance, reduce maintenance costs, and prolong the life of city equipment

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