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Explosions at Armstrong International aimed at training first-responders

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An SUV exploded at Armstrong International Airport Wednesday, but it was just a training scenario meant to prepare everyone for the worst.

Every three years the FAA requires airports to train for anything from explosions to hostage situations. It's all in an effort to keep all first-responders ready and set.

"Looking for things that could potentially go wrong, it's all part of that continuous training that we do," said airport spokeswoman Michelle Wilcut.

On any other day, Andy Condrey would be working in the insurance industry. On Wednesday, however, he's inhaled a lot of smoke and suffered third-degree burns - all fake, of course.

"If we don't come and assist them they can't prepare for when they actually have a situation," he said.

His performance won't be evaluated, in fact, it's his performance that will help first responders evaluate their own.

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