One for the Weekend: Carrie Underwood

One for the Weekend: Carrie Underwood

(WVUE) - "That lipstick on your collar, well it ain't my shade of pink."

With lyrics like that from Carrie Underwood's new single Dirty Laundry, it seemed this would be a good "one for the weekend."

Underwood's proven she can deliver one heck of a cheating song, and Dirty Laundry is the latest in her arsenal. It's the fourth chart-climbing single released from her fifth album, "Storyteller."

Since winning "American Idol," Underwood has captured country music fans' hearts with a string of hit albums and singles. Dirty Laundry captures the emotions of a woman scorned, and Underwood's booming voice sells it.

"All the Ajax in the world ain't gonna clean your dirty laundry."

Enjoy - and don't cross Carrie, because she'll burn you with a song.

Dirty Laundry

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