Short-term rentals get preliminary green light from N.O. council

Short-term rentals get preliminary green light from N.O. council

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Short term rentals will now be regulated in the city of New Orleans. The City Council voted in favor of the move Thursday.

"By putting this in place, by getting a commitment that we will have the names, addresses and permit numbers of the people that will be participating in short-term rental, gives us a vehicle to control and curtail this particular disruptive industry and technology," said New Orleans City Council member Jason Williams.

Council member Jared Brossett was the only council member to vote against it.

"I am a strong supporter of affordable housing and I can't turn my back on that for short-term rentals,"said Brossett. "I will be voting against this entire zoning motion."

Before the vote, the council heard from a number of passionate speakers on both sides of the issue. Those in favor of short-term rentals say it provides additional income for homeowners while also bringing tourists and an economic boost to the city.

Those against short-term rentals say it increases home prices and negatively impacts neighborhoods.

Council President Stacy Head says the vote will allow the city to collect revenue from short-term rentals and enforce regulations on them. She says those regulations include requiring a permit to rent out a home on a short-term basis, those who rent out their entire home can only do so up to 90 days a year,there will be a ban on short-term rentals in the French Quarter except for a small portion of commercial Bourbon Street, and those without a homestead exemption will pay a higher permit fee.

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