Honorary Saint cheers team, raises awareness about organ donation

Jarrius Robertson raises awarenes about organ donation

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - It's been quite a week for 14-year-old Jarrius "J.J." Robertson.

"The man was dancing in my end zone," J.J. said. "And I told him, 'Don't do that.'"

The epic trash-talking that J.J. dished out to a Panthers player on Sunday captured hearts in Who Dat Nation and beyond.

"Every time I go somewhere, someone wants to take a picture," J.J. said.

But for Jarrius, each day is like the fourth quarter of a game with much higher stakes. Jarrius has a chronic liver condition that stunts his growth and threatens his life - a failing liver that requires a transplant from a young donor.

"Essentially, you know, to survive, he definitely, because of his condition, needs a liver," said Ochsner Child Life Specialist Whitney Alford.

On Friday Jarrius roamed the halls at Ochsner Hospital for Children, where he got a VIP welcome. It was at Ochsner last December that he first met a few Saints players who visited his hospital room.

"[It was] cool because I've never seen them that close up before," J.J. said.

The team quickly adopted this superfan and brought him into their family, close to the action where he often steals the show. The team even signed him to an honorary contract, allowing him to hang out at the Dome and the team's facility on Airline Drive. Like any new rookie negotiating a deal, he had his demands.

"I asked for a golf cart, a helicopter, a Mercedes Benz, a Saints bag, a Saints ID, my fingerprint on the door," Jarrius said.

On Saturday he'll leave for Kansas City with the team to cheer on the Saints at Arrowhead Stadium. And his father hopes this new-found attention will help him and others find organs that are so desperately needed.

"So me and him, we came up with the motto, 'It takes lives to save lives,'" his father said.

In the meantime, Jarrius is practicing the dance moves designed to motivate the Saints and intimidate the Chiefs, not letting his condition tackle his spirit.

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