After Further Review: Cautious optimism fading with latest Saints loss

After Further Review: Cautious optimism fading with latest Saints loss

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Cautious optimism was the prevailing emotion from the fan base heading into Sunday's game in Kansas City. Optimistic because the Saints had won two straight, cautious because of their history of slow starts.

I said on the FOX 8 Live Tailgate that if the Saints were to win it was time to start leaning toward the 'optimism' part of that phrase.

Now that they've lost, it's probably best to keep things 'cautious' with this team.

As evidenced in every game they've played, the Saints are capable of beating anyone. But they're equally as capable of losing to anyone as well.

The Chiefs aren't just anyone. They're a playoff-caliber team. But they didn't completely outplay the Saints. They just did a better job of not beating themselves.

The Saints' had an abundance of self-inflicted wounds: ten penalties, four false starts, two delay of game penalties, missed tackles, a pick-six and a fumble in the red zone. It all played right into the hands of the ultra-efficient Chiefs, whose most impressive quality is their ability to avoid the big mistake.

It truly was a contrasting case in the art of discipline. On Sunday it was the difference in the Saints' third win and fourth loss of the season.

They're now 2-4 and will likely continue this up-and-down style all season. Excitement will be there. They'll also be competitive in every contest. But any expectation past that should be met with caution.

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