Jim Henderson's Commentary: Saints fall to Chiefs

Jim Henderson's Commentary: Saints fall to Chiefs

(WVUE) - If you were so inclined, you could have watched NFL telecasts yesterday for nearly 15 straight hours.

You could have begun by watching Case Keenum throw four interceptions as the Rams lose in England.  And you could have gone to bed having watched Seattle and Arizona kickers miss 24- and 28-yard field goals in the overtime of a 6-6, "sister-kissing" tie that featured 16 punts.

In one long day, we saw most of the reasons for the fans' current ennui for the NFL.  Too long, too much, too bad.

In 13 games, there were 40 turnovers - two of them in Kansas City yesterday decided the game, as they often do.

The Saints and the Chiefs weren't the worst game of the weekly schedule. But beginning with the barely watchable Bears at the Packers on Thursday night, the entertainment bar was set at subterranean level for the weekend.

It didn't take much for the Saints and Chiefs to clear it, and they did by a greater than "Will-Lutzian" margin.  The Chiefs a seldom-seen Saints opponent. The rivalry with no historical significance. The game with no passionate story lines to whet the appetite of fans of either team. The action including a single lead change and for the Saints touchdowns of 9, 3, and 10 yards.

But like Andy Reid's moustache, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  And boring, mistake-free, winning football is absolutely gorgeous for the Chiefs and their fans, as it should be.

There will be much more anticipation this week in New Orleans for the invasion by the Seahawks. It won't take long to shake off yesterday's doldrums and begin getting amped up for this week's schedule.

It all begins with Jacksonville at Tennessee Thursday night!

Where's my remote?

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