Football, Fútbol, Food: The very thin line between wins and losses in the NFL, and the best spots for steaks

Football, Fútbol, Food: The very thin line between wins and losses in the NFL, and the best spots for steaks


In the NFC, 8 of 16 teams possess records either a game above .500, at .500, or a game below .500 in the standings. For Saints fans holding on to playoff dreams, this is fantastic news.

The Saints sit at 2-4 right now, but their record could be so much better if they could cut down on the mistakes. The Saints racked up 10 penalties, and two turnovers in their 27-21 loss to the Chiefs. Saints players don't like to buy-in to what-if scenarios, because they understand it's the way of the NFL.

"It doesn't worry me, because I don't look at it like that. Every game in this league is close, no one blows anyone out anymore," said safety Kenny Vaccaro. "Every team is answering questions from reporters like y'all. These three plays, it's like that every game, you can't have those three plays if you want to win. Good teams eliminate those penalties, those mistakes. Because everyone is asking if you had those four or five plays, you get what I'm saying. There's occasional games that get out of hand. Ninety percent of the time it's this big play, this personal foul. I don't look at it like that. Those things can't happen if you want to win games."

If the Saints do want to make that playoff run, pardon my Michael Jackson reference, they're going to have to look at the "Man in the mirror."

"I think the coaches are doing a good job of giving us a plan. Us knowing what the offense is going to do," Vaccaro said in the locker room Monday. "Everything Kansas City ran we knew it was going to happen. Do you have the awareness, do you care enough to go out and execute what you've been told to do. That's the biggest thing. Oh you can say they played hard, or they got a lot of grit. Grit and playing hard doesn't matter if you don't execute the defense, execute the plan. You got to take a long look at each other, and ask are you doing your job. Are you not being selfish. To me, it's a selfish thing if you're not."


It's been well documented that European soccer fans take things a little overboard when it comes to their passion of the sport. Especially when it involves a rival team that's passing you by in prestige.

Dynamo Dresden, a German soccer team, have zero love for club RB Leipzig. Dresden is 75 miles away from Leipzig, but in terms of talent, RB Leipzig is a continent away. Leipzig is bankrolled by Red Bull, and possess financial funds to be a top team in Europe. Dresden on the other hand, hasn't seen top-flight soccer in 21 years.

When the two met in a tournament in Leipzig, Dresden supporters made it known they don't like the Red Bull support. A Dresden backer threw a severed bull's head at Leipzig fans.

First off, how in the world did they get that past security. Secondly, you have some major problems to be throwing a bull's head at anyone. Just another example of fans going way over the line in their soccer fandom.


Growing up in New Orleans I've always been a seafood guy. But when it comes to my favorite meal, steak wins out every time. A New York strip and a glass of red wine, makes my day so much better.

Three spots in the city that always deliver on my steak needs: Mr. John's, La Boca, and Doris Metropolitan. I won't pick a favorite, because they're all top-notch in their own special way.

Mr. John's steaks are seasoned with salt and pepper, seared in a broiler at 1800 degrees, then topped with melted butter. Just writing about Mr. John's has me salivating.

La Boca is an Argentinian steakhouse who's popularity has soared so much in recent years, since they moved to a bigger space on Tchoupitoulas. Their cuts of meat are fantastic, and the sauces to dip your steak in are very imaginative.

Doris Metropolitan is the newest of the bunch, but exceptional in their own way. Dry aged beef cooked to perfection, and a dining room that would make any interior designer proud, make this a must-eat destination.

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