Workout Wednesday: Boxing

Workout Wednesday with Kristi Coleman

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Manager and personal trainer Noel Teen of Franco's on Magazine shows off a boxing workout that's sure to get the heart rate up. The exercises in the video above focus on upper and lower body agility.

Boxing Bag Jabs


  • Feet are shoulder width apart with right leg (or leading hand leg) slightly more forward than your back leg.
  • Front foot is pointing mostly forward and your back foot is pointing mostly out.
  • Back heel off the ground just a bit.
  • Keep your body and hands relaxed and a slight bend at your knees.
  • Bounce around, getting comfortable in the stance.
  • Whatever foot is forward is the hand you're jabbing with first and also your number "1" jab
  • Bring that hand back to the chin, and now with the back arm, twist forward and jab the bag. This is your number "2" jab
  • Bring the second fist back to chin and follow up with two number "1" jabs

Try this for a full minute. Repeat a few times to get comfortable, pick up the speed, then for last 10-20 seconds, try to see how fast and powerful you can be with your sequence.

If you don't have a boxing bag or gloves, get in front of a mirror and pretend you are the next Rocky and just go for it!

Toe taps:

  • Start with one toe on the box, arms in runner position. (If right foot is on box left arm is forward at a 90-degree angle and right arm is back at a 90- degree angle)
  • Aim for a slight jump and switch feet, landing with left toe in box and right on the ground. Arm motions change bringing left arm back and right arm forward.
  • Keep your weight on the ground and lean slightly forward while doing this and jeep shoulders up with a tight core.
  • Alternate legs for 30 seconds.

If you do not have an elevated surface and prefer to do this on ground, follow same direction and tap toes back and fourth in the ground!

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