Darren Sharper co-defendants sentenced in state court

Darren Sharper co-defendants sentenced in state court

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Two of former Saints player Darren Sharper's co-defendants were sentenced at Orleans Parish Criminal Court on Thursday.

Brandon Licciardi and Erik Nunez both pleaded guilty to drugging and raping women.

As part of a plea deal to federal and state charges, the men were first sentenced in federal court last week.

They received the same sentences in state court today – 17 years for Licciardi and 10 for Nunez.

One of the victims in the case told the court quote, "I get that people make mistakes, but this wasn't a mistake. This was a calculated and planned way of life for this group."

Attorneys for both men said they are ready to serve their time.

"He'd like to have closure for himself, he'd like to have closure for the victims because he understands how difficult this has been for them," attorney Herb Larson said about Nunez.

"He's very remorseful, he understands now. he was a young kid that idolized a football player that he unfortunately should have turned in, but he didn't do it," attorney Ralph Capatelli said about Licciardi.

The federal state sentences for both men will run concurrently. They are also receiving credit for time served.

For his role in the crime, Darren Sharper received 18 years in prison. He's currently behind bars.

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