Driver in fatal Lamborghini crash appears in court, gets scolded by judge

Jason Adams, Lirette family in court

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The driver of a Lamborghini accused of killing a 23-year-old in a crash earlier this year appeared in court Thursday morning.

Jason Adams went before a judge as the victim's family watched.

This is the first time the Lirette family has come face-to-face with Jason Adams after the May 4 accident that killed Kristi Lirette.

Adams walked out of criminal court after getting a tongue-lashing from Judge Robin Pittman for showing up to his hearing 15 minutes late.

"I don't care about your issues with work. My court starts promptly at 9," Judge Pittman said.

Adams is seeking a new attorney. Pittman ended up granting Adams' request to change attorneys.

Police say Adams was speeding and over the legal blood alcohol limit when he crashed a Lamborghini into a floodwall on Tchoupitoulas Street back in May.

The crash killed Lirette, who Adams was driving home from work.

Lirette's parents say they haven't seen any remorse from Adams, although he did say this to us, as he walked out of the courthouse today.

"I did notice that he never once glanced at us," Brett Lirette said. "A person like that is full of shame and he doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to look us in the eye, it's just total disrespect, that's what it is."

Adams is charged with vehicular homicide for Lirette's death.

Adams will be back in court next week to get the attorney issue resolved.

The Lirette family says they'll show up to every court appearance he makes.

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