NOPD urging people not to wear clown masks this Halloween

NOPD urging people not to wear clown masks this Halloween

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Creepy clown sightings have been reported across the country in recent months. Now, New Orleans police are asking people not to wear clown masks this Halloween.

"We're urging people not to wear clown masks and we're urging people to be friendly and to make sure that in the spirit of children trying to have a good time, please just cooperate with us and not play pranks that will cause us to be overly alarmed where we would have to dispatch police officers unnecessarily to areas to deal with things. Because people just don't want to make sense and are causing havoc in neighborhoods and at parties, we just urge people not to do that and to help us make you safe," said NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison.

We checked with local costume shops to see if clown masks are a big seller this year.

"We're not really selling it, and if somebody comes in asking for that we'll probably try to steer them into something a little bit better," said Southern Costume Company owner Wingate Jones.

"I believe it carried through on the internet, obviously, because that's how these things spread, but we too are getting customers who are looking into the creepy clown. As a matter of fact, for us specifically, the makeup selling, the creepy clown makeup, along with some of the blood that we have here, and of course a handful of scary accessories like a bloody ax which we have here," said New Orleans Party & Costume owner Rocky Deckert.

And Deckert said she's been selling more of that clown makeup and more of those accessories than last year.

"It is controversial, but New Orleans, we are satirical. We're funny and we do our things very naturally ourselves, so again, the makeup has been selling for us," said Deckert.

Chief Harrison says public safety is the NOPD's top priority this Halloween weekend, and they have a strong security plan in place to make sure everyone is safe. He adds with Voodoo Fest, a home Saints game, and Halloween celebrations, you will see an increased law enforcement presence in all areas of the city, including more state troopers in and around the French Quarter.

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