Gov. Edwards to get first hand look at Louisiana coastal issues

Happening Today: Gov. Edwards tours coastal Louisiana

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - Execute a coastal restoration plan or face the consequences. That's the message from Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards.

This comes as he takes an aerial tour of the Louisiana coastline.

The governor is getting a firsthand look at the land loss that he says -- if unchecked -- will change the way of life for people in Louisiana.

It's Edwards' first such foray into the issue as governor.

He's touring areas like Grand Isle, Pelican Island and Port Fourchon among others along the coast.

He calls the situation in some areas of the coast fragile and says parts beyond restoration.

Still, he's calling for private and public funds to help prevent a loss of land, pristine natural environment and potentially industry and jobs.

Edwards says it's an issue that could affect more than the residents of Louisiana and a key to ensuring a restored coastline lies in educating all Americans about the issue and how they're affected by what happens here.

"Where do those oysters end up? Where do those shrimp end up? Where is it that the oil and gas actually flow to? How much of it flows through right here in Port Fourchon for example," Edwards asked.

The group he's touring with will meet again in December to plan the next step in the effort to raise awareness and possibly, funds, for what he calls a "great challenge of our time."

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