Halloween makes monstrous impact on New Orleans tourism

Halloween makes monstrous impact on New Orleans tourism

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Voodoo Fest is possessed this weekend as more than 100,000 people flock to City Park charmed by what makes the Crescent City great, costumes!

"Halloween every year, I feel like since I've been here, is just getting better and better. Costumes everywhere, everyone is so creative here, you can't get a better Halloween, except here in New Orleans," said Rachel Hymel, who was dressed as a Snapchat filter.

"For a lot of people, it's just another weekend in the city, just with extra costumes, still good eating, good drinking," said David Gauthreaux, who was dressed as Mr. Incredible.

The Halloween weekend is getting more and more popular and scarier as the word spreads that the Big Easy becomes the Big Spooky in October.

"People are more likely to come down here, just to be scared. I know some people who came down from the North, they haven't been here since pre-Katrina, they came down to do the haunted cemetery tours on Halloween, so I definitely think it's on the rise,"  said Jessica Witcher, who was visiting The Mortuary Haunted House.

The Mortuary has seen crowds lining up around the block each weekend to get their hearts racing, proving Halloween can be a monstrous economic driver for the local tourism industry.

"Certainly huge for us and I know it's a major Halloween for New Orleans. We have Voodoo, that's certainly tied to Halloween, Krewe de Boo, all sorts of parades. I grew up in Atlanta and I heard about going to New Orleans for Halloween," said John Beteag, a crew member at The Mortuary.

It seems, the Crescent City, already the Capital of Costumes, is quickly becoming scary good at Halloween.

"I think New Orleans is a destination for Halloween, we've got the atmosphere already, it's just perfect," Beteag said.

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