Saints fan makes comeback after tragic accident

Saints fan makes comeback after tragic accident

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Luke Siegel had a front row seat as the Saints warmed up to face the Seahawks.

It was the first time in more than a year he's visited the Dome, but last summer the little Saints fan nearly lost his life when he was involved in a golf cart accident in his Texas hometown.

Luke was put into a medically induced coma to treat traumatic brain and chest injuries and for a while, his family wasn't sure he'd ever see a game again.

"We were told in September of last year that Luke would never open his eyes, use his limbs, or use his voice and now he's doing all three," Time Siegel, Luke's father, said.

This weekend was Luke's first chance to get back to the Superdome and see his hero, Drew Brees, live in action since his accident.

"I just kept thinking, in that last drive, for Luke, we can't lose this game," Siegel said.

His prayers were answered as the Saints edged out the Seahawks 25-20, but the magic from the Saints started last year when Brees sent Luke a personal message following the accident.

"Hey Luke this is Drew Brees, quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, just wanted to say I'm thinking about you buddy. Keep fighting, I'm hoping and praying for a full recovery," Brees said in a video message.

"I play it every day for him and I know that the Saints and Drew Brees mean the world to him, to us. But what Drew did yesterday just tells you what an amazing person he is," Siegel said.

Saturday morning, Drew Brees and the Saints invited Luke and his family to practice and Luke finally got to meet his hero in person.

"He is such a great person, such a role model, we're so blessed to have someone like that lead our team and lead our community and Luke just idolizes him, he's his hero," Siegel said. "Outside of therapists and doctors, he's been the most important person for us, in the healing."

For his father, this game was better than any other he's been to, even the Super Bowl because he knows his son has an entire team behind him and a superstar fighting in his corner.

"The Saints were our bond. The Saints, we talked about all day, every day and yesterday made it so special. This is something we'll always talk about and I'll show him two videos, the video last year and the video from yesterday," Siegel said.

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