Southeast Louisiana experiencing moderate drought

Southeast Louisiana experiencing moderate drought

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - This month will likely go down as the warmest October on record and the fifth driest. Most of Southeast Louisiana is experiencing a moderate drought.

"Of course, having it hot and not having rainfall that just increases the evaporation rates that much further, and as a result we are in a moderate drought now across most of Southeast Louisiana," said FOX 8 Chief Meteorologist David Bernard.

We've all been feeling it.

"Beach weather would be a good way to describe it," said Brian Palmisano of Destrehan.

And the record-breaking temperatures may make wearing that Halloween costume a little uncomfortable.

"I am probably sweating, and you know I probably need to get water soon," said Sandie Blanchard of Metairie. "I have a garden in the backyard. My water bill is going to be awfully fun this year, this month, you know."

The drought is also causing problems at City Park.

"We've got more than a 100 new trees that we planted on the disc golf course, and our volunteer manager is out there watering each one separately with a five-gallon bucket, so we are doing everything we can to not lose trees. But if it stays like this, were going to lose some," said City Park Chief Development Officer John Hopper.

Hopper said the older trees with established root systems will likely be okay. But he's concerned about trees that were planted in the last five years.

"We've planted more than 7,000 trees in the past few years and we're a little concerned about those," said Hopper. "If you look around, like the cypress trees, normally they kind of turn a pretty rusty red, they're just saying, throwing in the chips and saying it's done, we're turning brown, we're dropping our leaves, you know, see you next spring."

But, it looks like that dry weather is going to stick around for now.

"We don't see any major prospects for rain in the near future. We may go another couple of weeks before we get a major rain," said Bernard. "Let's put this into perspective. If we look at the records at the airport in Kenner, I had to go all the way back to Sept. 11 to find a day where we had over an inch of rain, and since Sept. 11, we've only had a couple of sporadic days with a quarter of an inch of rain here and a half an inch of rain there. For the month of October though, for the last 31 days, five one-hundredths of an inch of rain making, it the fifth driest October on record."

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