Happening Today: Record-breaking early voting period ends

Happening Today: Early voting period ends

(WVUE) - The early voting period ends later today in Louisiana.

But it will go down as a record-breaking period.

Voters came out to cast their votes like no other election in Louisiana's history.

As of Tuesday morning, 437,539 ballots have been cast during the early voting period. That number is expected to go up by the end of Tuesday.

Louisiana's Secretary of State, Tom Schedler, said that number will dwarf voter turnout from the 2012 election which stands at 352,000 for early voting and election day combined.

Schedler says in spite of what he calls erroneously reported cases of malfunctioning voting machines, the process has been smooth, but if voters do have problems, Schedler says, they should be reported at the polls, not after the fact.

"If you think the machine has malfunctioned or hit the button for the opposite candidate you want, the time and place to do that is when the summary page comes up before you hit cast ballot," Schedler said.

The last day for early voting is today. The polls open at 8:30 a.m. and they'll close at 6 p.m.

Today will be the last chance to cast your vote before Election Day next Tuesday.

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