Algiers attempted carjacking, carjacking happen minutes and blocks apart

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - "The neighborhood is quiet," says John Balan.

Balan has lived in the Tall Timbers neighborhood in Algiers for decades and always considered it a safe area. On Halloween night, though, at 8:30, a woman and her nephew became the victims of an attempted carjacking in the 3900 block of Post Oak Avenue.

Police say when the man and woman pulled into a driveway, a Nissan Altima pulled behind them. A man with a gun got out of the Altima, approached them and demanded their keys.

Police say the victim told the gunman to shoot him because he wasn't handing over his keys. The gunman then backed up and took off.

Just minutes after that happened, police received another call from a few blocks away on Red Oak Court, where a woman and her 9-year-old daughter had become carjacking victims.

"I stopped and I turned around and I saw my daughter frozen by the door. She was outside of the door, but I see her frozen. Then, I see this guy walking up the driveway, which I thought was kind of brazen. I mean, this is not like trick or treat. This was my personal property," says the victim.

The woman says the young man, wearing a hoodie, walked past her little girl and straight up to her.

"He raised his hand and he had a gun in his hand. He said, 'Give me your keys,' and that's when I realized that this was serious. I threw him my keys. He fumbled and got the keys. He jumped in the car, and I told my daughter to run," says the victim.

She says they ran to the backyard, screaming for help. She says her little girl was so traumatized by what happened, she became sick.

"She just started throwing up everywhere all over her costume.  The only thing she said was, 'Mom, he was so mean. He could have killed you.' Because she saw him pointing the gun at me," says the victim.

The woman says she still can't believe it happened. She just hopes now the gunman is caught soon.

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