Jefferson Chamber Board calls for resignation of Mike Yenni

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - The Board of Directors of the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce has made a recommendation regarding Mike Yenni's position as Parish President, according to a news release issued Friday afternoon.

The Chamber on Friday submitted a letter to President Yenni, requesting that he resign from office.

Thursday's regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting was the first since Oct. 6. That was the same afternoon in which the Mike Yenni apology video commercial first aired.

The letter was submitted in an effort to maintain the best interest of the Parish and to foster collaboration among other elected, civic and business leaders, the news release said.

Furthermore, according to the Chamber, It has become apparent to the Chamber that the controversy surrounding President Yenni is causing significant distraction from the issues that truly matter, and is leading to inefficient productivity within the council and associated parties.

Chamber President Todd Murphy stated on behalf of the letter, "The distraction resulting from this situation has made the Parish's current climate unfavorable for existing and prospective business, as well as its residents."

The Chamber's Board of Directors hopes that President Yenni will take the letter to heart, and recognize that his resignation will reflect the Parish's best interests.

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