Get Out the Vote effort in full swing as campaign nears end

HARVEY, LA (WVUE) - Volunteers with The Jeremiah Group went house by house planting signs in front of homes of dedicated voters Sunday afternoon.

"You see the signs, it says, 'I'm an Old Harvey Lifetime Voter, I vote in every election!' They cannot possibly leave the house without voting because that's their reminder," Franciene Simmons, an Old Harvey resident and member of The Jeremiah Group, said.

In Old Harvey, the voters hit the polls like clockwork, but this year The Jeremiah Group targeted infrequent voters, people who have not voted in the last three elections, in other parts of the parish and state.

The group says it pinpointed 30,000 infrequent voters across Louisiana in hopes of encouraging them to come back to the ballot box and convincing others to register.

"We have been walking since May, talking with people, listening to people, and encouraging people to go out and vote," Jacqueline C. Jones, the organizer of the get out the vote effort, said. "We actually added 6,000 new voters to the roll right here on the West Bank of Jefferson."

"We just want you to vote! We don't answer questions about who to vote for, we just want you to vote," Simmons said.

The group won't tell people who to choose, they just want registered voters to make a choice and with the campaign reaching its final hours, that's something FOX 8 Political Analyst Mike Sherman says will be a priority nationwide.

"It wasn't that many months ago when folks were thinking: Would people even turnout for this election? We've now seen record early vote, tremendous interest in this election, the time is now over to get people to your side, these final 48 hours are about getting people to the polls," Sherman said.

Even with unfavorable candidates at the top of the ticket, the folks with the Jeremiah Group want voters to know their time at the poll can make a difference.

"[We're] helping people to understand their voices do count, their vote counts, and if you want to make things happen at the federal level, you've got to start at the local level. So this is not just about the presidential election, this is also about what will be happening in your community," Simmons said.

Polls open at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning and you can vote until 8 p.m. that evening. FOX 8 will carry the results live on FOX 8 News, on our website and free FOX 8 App.

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