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After Further Review: Back to 4-4, it's all about what happens next for Saints

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The Saints truly earned their fourth win of the season. They punished the 49ers with 248 rushing yards. They made four timely takeaways. And Drew Brees was his usual stellar self.

Now they're 4-4 after an 0-3 start and winners of four of their last five games.

That's encouraging. But it won't mean much unless they overcome what comes next.

The Saints battling back after an early hole is not a shock. It's actually the most predictable thing they could've done.

They've been here before. I've written that sentence before. In fact, I feel like I've written this column before.

In 2007, 2012, 2014 and 2015 they galvanized and dug themselves and got back to respectability. But battling back proved to be too taxing. By the time they got back to .500, the team was spent mentally and finished 7-9 each time.

Well, here they are again.

So what will make this team any different? Zach Strief gave me his theory.

"What I like about this team, we've done that before and sometimes that's exhausting," Strief said. "I feel like this team is getting more energy. That's not always the case."

Hopefully that's enough in the locker room to finally overcome an early slow start. After Sunday, it certainly felt like it will be.

But then again, we've been here before.

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