Jim Henderson's Commentary: Saints top 49ers on the road

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - With the season half over, here in New Orleans, we're wondering with a 4-and-4 record, "Is the glass half-full or half-empty?" In San Francisco, after seven-straight losses and a 1-and-7 record, they're wondering "What glass?"

In San Francisco, it's the end of the beginning of the season. In New Orleans, the challenge is to reverse the course of recent history and make sure that the struggle to get to .500 is not again the beginning of the end.

The Saints have finished 7-and-9 in three of the last four seasons. Slow starts then have proven incapable of being overcome.

In 2012 after four-straight losses to open the season, the Saints finally got back to .500 at 5-and-5 on Nov. 18th. They then lost three-straight.

In 2014, after two-straight losses to open the season, the Saints got to .500 on October 30th at 4-and-4, only to go on another three-game losing streak.

Last year it was an 0-and-3 start to the season that found the Saints finally getting to .500 at 4-and-4 on Nov. 1st. There followed a four-game losing streak.

See where I'm headed here? This year another 0-and-3 start. Battling back to .500 Sunday Nov. 6th, at 4-and-4. And now what? Half way up the mountain that is an NFL season, have the Saints expended so much energy to reach this point that they lack the juice to finish the climb to the summit again?

Are they winded or getting their second wind for the second half of a season in which they are again belatedly relevant?

Have the .500 Saints changed along with the time change Sunday? Are they now ready to "spring forward" in defiance of the calendar at this point, or again "fall back?"?

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