Election Day: Polls open, voters to decide national, state, local issues

Happening Today: Voters head to the polls in Jefferson Parish

(WVUE) - Long lines are expected at poll locations across Louisiana as they get ready to open in about an hour.

A record 34,000 voters in Jefferson Parish already cast an early ballot.

Across Louisiana, polls open at 6 a.m. and will stay open until 8 p.m. State and local voting officials expect a steady stream of voters throughout the day.

In Jefferson Parish, voters are deciding on more than just who will sit in the Oval Office.

Voters in Kenner will decide who will be the next mayor.

There is also a heated race for the Louisiana Senate seat vacated by David Vitter. Voters will also decide whether to send incumbent U.S. representatives back or hand their seats to challengers.

Also on the ballot: changing the qualifications for the position of registrar of voters in each parish across the state.

Jefferson Parish Registrar of Voters Dennis DiMarco says voters shouldn't worry about issues at the polls today. If voters do encounter any problems, they should report them on-site and not after the fact.

"You hear rumors. I went in and pushed a button for this one and it switched to this one," DiMarco said. "Don't leave the polling place if you have a problem, call on of the commissioners if the machine malfunctions or is not functioning."

DiMarco says everyone who is in line at any precinct and is eligible to cast a ballot, can do so as long as they in line at the polling place by 8 p.m.

For information on voting, polling places and sample ballots visit the Louisiana Secretary of State's Voter Portal.

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