Workout Wednesday: Five-step in-home workout

Workout Wednesday with Kristi Coleman

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Jerren Pierce, a personal trainer at Equip Fitness shows off five exercises great for an in-home workout. The following exercises are to be done with body weight only.

1. Squats - targets the lower body and focus on building leg muscle. Try starting off with 10 reps.

2. Push-ups - a traditional exercise known to keep the upper body in shape focusing on arms and chest.

3. Sit-ups - with back on the floor, place arms behind head and crunch up bring elbows to knees. While doing this exercise, be sure to keep the core tight.

4. Lunge jumps - great lower body workout to tighten up the thigh muscle. It's sure to get the heart pumping while alternating between legs.

5. Shoulder taps - in plank position, alternate your hands while tapping each shoulder. Start off with 10 reps and then work your way up to more reps.

For a challenge, do as many sets as possible within a 30 minute period. These exercises can be done at home, outside or at the gym.

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