Kindness Corner Attempts to Heal Campaign Wounds on St Charles

Kindness Corner attempts to heal campaign wounds on St. Charles Ave.

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A local religious group works overtime trying to heal wounds caused by the often bitter presidential campaign. They are counseling people one at a time on an Uptown street corner.

After an often bitter election cycle, something sweet is happening at St. Charles Ave. and Broadway St. It is called the Kindness Corner, and its goal is to help close wounds opened up by often rancorous debate.

"We thought today was just a good day for more kindness. People have been coming and sitting, lots of hugs from people we don't know," said associate pastor Elizabeth Lott with nearby St Charles Baptist Church.

They hand out hugs, inspirational tattoos, 'Kind' candy bars and refreshment to those looking for comfort.

"We are on our second pot of coffee right now," Lott said.

Among those stopping by, Jody Braunig, who runs a nonprofit called Girls on the Run that uses running as a platform to educate and inspire young girls.

"After what happened last night, I think it's a weight on my shoulders to have to work for an organization that empowers girls and women," Braunig said.

Even though Trump disavowed accusations made during the campaign, Braunig, worries about their impact.

"We have to have that conversation with girls about what happens now, and it's not easy," Braunig said.

The Kindness Corner did not just pop up today, it has been around for months, but they say during the final stages of this election cycle business has been especially good.

"As the election became so hate filled and divisive we increased our presence at the corner," Lott said.

It is a corner that doubled its business after election day.

"People are seeking us out," Lott said.

They will keep going until they believe the need is no longer there.

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