Which are the best gift cards of the year?

Which are the best gift cards of the year?

(WVUE) - As many people begin their holiday shopping, gift cards are on a lot of people's wish lists.
WalletHub released its list of the year's best gift cards.

Best Gift Cards (WalletHub Score)
1)    Target Gift Card (65 points)
2)    Netflix Gift Card (65 points)
3)    Walmart Gift Card (60 points)
4)    Amazon Gift Card (60 points)
5)    iTunes Gift Card (55 points)

WalletHub also measured the most popular cards, the biggest buyer discount and gift cards with the highest resale value.

Most Popular Gift Cards

1)    Amazon Gift Card
2)    Visa Gift Card
3)    iTunes Gift Card
4)    American Express Gift Card
5)    Walmart Gift Card

Biggest Buyer Discount
1)    H&M Gift Card (21.67%)
2)    Forever 21 Gift Card (12.87% )
3)    T.J. Maxx Gift Card (12.70%)
4)    Taco Bell Gift Card (12.46%)
5)    Olive Garden Gift Card (12.20%)

Highest Resale Value ($100 Gift Card)
 1)    Nike Gift Card ($93.66)
 2)    Walmart Gift Card ($83.94)
 3)    Best Buy Gift Card ($83.12)
 4)    Safeway Gift  Cards ($83.04)
 5)    Costco Gift Card ($82.67)

WalletHub says the cards whose popularity increased the most from 2015 to 2016 are the Giant Eagle Gift Card, the Restaurant Gift Card and the Tim Hortons Gift Card.

The ones that lost popularity the most are gift cards from Fandango, Chipotle and Whole Foods.

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