After Years of Planning, Fundraising, VFW Gets Major Facelift

After Years of Planning, Fundraising, VFW Gets Major Facelift

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - At 93 years, Bud Adams says he's in a race.

"At my age, from World War II, we fading out, but all of what we doing is fighting to be the last man club."

Adams served 34 years in the military, from the Navy Armed Guard to the Army Reserve.

Adams enjoys spending time with his fellow veterans.

"The post I belong to, they're not active anymore."

A photo of the proud veteran sits on a table at a building at the corner of Lyons and Annunciation streets

That building is VFW Post 8973.

After years of fund raising and planning, it'll get a facelift.

Something it's 300-plus members are content with including their newest member: Bud Adams.

"It's not just for having a little fun, it's a group from the heart."

You need only ask Ryan McCroskey what that means, he's a developer from Design Management Group.

"The VFW, being a project that was close to my heart, we definitely cut back a lot of costs."

Thanks to those cutbacks, vets will have one more place to find solace among their brothers and sisters in arms.

New renovations will improve the building, its interior and even provide a living space for visiting injured vets to stay as they need.

It is a service New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, who helped mark the groundbreaking, says is one of many made available to or going to be available for veterans in New Orleans.

"Next week we're opening up the largest, newest veterans hospital in the United States of America and it's going to be one of the best," Landrieu said.

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