Zurik: Third insurer faces civil suit after 'Medical Waste' investigation

Zurik: Third insurer faces civil suit after 'Medical Waste' investigation

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A third health insurance company is being sued, following our "Medical Waste" investigative series. A group of attorneys, including one from the New Orleans area, filed suit against Humana, alleging the company overcharged customers for prescription drugs.

The suit says the plaintiff is enrolled in the Medicare Part D program. It alleges that the plaintiff received a prescription for $20.32 in September. The suit says, unbeknownst to the plaintiff, Humana overcharged $5.00, clawing back the money from the plaintiff and the pharmacy.

The suit mentions FOX 8's "Medical Waste" series and uses a document we used in one of our stories. Our series revealed how several insurance companies were overcharging customers for prescription drugs.

We found Humana may have been overcharging customers in the Medicare Part D program. For example, we found a prescription cough medication that should have cost customers $6.67. But Humana ordered the pharmacist to collect $11.67, clawing back $5.00 from the pharmacy and customer.

In May, Humana denied overcharging customers for medication, writing:

Humana pharmacy does not engage in the practice you've described. In fact, Humana's pharmacy operations have processes in place to ensure that our members pay whichever amount is lower – the copayment for the medication, the negotiated cost of the drug plus a pharmacy dispensing fee, or the usual and customary price of the drug.

This is now the third insurance company sued as a result of our series. Attorneys have also filed against UnitedHealthcare and Cigna. And now Humana, based in Kentucky, is being sued for a scheme to defraud customers.

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