Juan's World: Snap, block, score...Broncos steal win in Dome

Juan's World: Snap, block, score...Broncos steal win in Dome

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan's World where I stand by what I said on Twitter. The refs made the right call on Will Parks score on a blocked extra point. I stand by the obvious. That, with the naked eye 'and' with the aid of replay cameras that did not have the proper view, the call could not be reversed. That was a hard sell to Saints fans who, understandably were emotional over the final outcome.

White shoes + white sideline + bad camera angle = the call stands and that's a tough pill to swallow if you're the Saints. After all, you just drove 75-yards for the tying score and a go-ahead extra point seemed in the bag.

But, the block just reminded us that 'nothing' will be easy for this team this season. How many times have they carried a 500-record in and exited with a below-500 record? Yes, too many to count. And they are in that spot again, if only because of some bad luck. But, the good teams (Denver) make their own luck and the bad teams, remain envious. The Saints are not a bad team but they're not yet a good team. They're somewhere in-between. Still finding themselves if you will.

The only good thing about Sunday's heartbreaking loss to the Broncos...they have to flush it right away because a trip to Charlotte is just five days away. Five days until the Saints and Panthers continue their heated rivalry.

I know it's hard to see the team you love so much lose a game that feels like they weren't given a fair shot. But, it's happened on both sides this season. Just as the Seahawks.

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