Black & Gold Rewind: Saints lose a tough one to the Broncos

Black & Gold Rewind: Saints lose a tough one to the Broncos

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The New Orleans Saints will scrutinize the play that would've put in them in the lead.

Denver Broncos rookie Will Parks toed the line while returning a blocked extra point attempt with just 1:22 left on the clock in the fourth quarter.

Saints fans left the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Sunday, feeling befuddled.

It was the deciding play of the game that bucked the Black and Gold right out of the saddle.

"When you lose a game like this and I hate excuses, excuses are for losers, but come on man, you know he stepped out," said Keith Williams, a Saints fan dressed as the pope.

It was the extra point turned two-point conversion for the Broncos that sent Saints fans' frustrations a mile high.

"He was out of bounds, he was definitely out of bounds. It's all good, we'll be fine, we're Saints fans, we love New Orleans and we'll be back," said Saints fan Brett Jones.

"Unbelievable! You couldn't write a story like that! We should have won. Next time, Carolina, we're gonna take it out on you," said Arthur McDonald, who was at the game.

But whether or not the Saints can send the Panthers running for the litter box, fans are excited to see the way the Black and Gold matched up with the defending Super Bowl champs.

"We played them like they were nobody, we're the super bowl champs of 2009 and we still got it," said Saints fan Shelby Dean.

It's the fact that the Saints nearly snatched victory from Denver's defense that has fans hopeful the team is solidifying into a championship squad.

"If we get our defense together, the offense has always been elite, just get the defense together, just need a little defense and we can compete with anybody. I don't see nobody out there that's immaculate," said Alton Alexis, who was watching the game with family.

Still, at 4-5, fans hope the season will eventually trend toward a winning record and even without a game-saving call from the refs, they're confident the team has what it takes down the stretch, even if it is by a nose or more appropriately, a toe.

"The way they've come together, all these guys that got hurt, the team pulled together, excellent job of coaching. These guys have got character. They got rid of all the bums and these guys have character. It doesn't matter if you were drafted number one or number two, it's the best player that's playing," Williams said.

The Saints face the Panthers in Carolina on Thursday.

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