Jim Henderson Commentary: Saints fall to Broncos in heart-breaker

Jim Henderson Commentary - Saints fall to Broncos in heart-breaker

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Just when you think you've seen it all, you're reminded when you watch the Saints on a regular basis, you ain't seen anything, or everything, yet. You were a witness, perversely, to history Sunday when a two-point defensive conversion decided a game for the first time since that opportunity was adopted in 2015.

But that and other things that contributed to that gut-wrenching loss should be the subject of off-season discussion by the NFL decision makers. Leaping over the line of scrimmage as Justin Simmons did Sunday should be banned. According to the rules, you can push the deep snapper to the ground to create air space for such a maneuver, but you can't pull him toward the ground. Shouldn't both be disallowed? The NFL is vigilant about protecting defenseless players. Who is more defenseless in that situation than the deep snapper? Shouldn't he be protected from injury along with the kamikaze himself, who risks a crash-landing if he gets flipped while airborne in an unsuccessful attempt to block the placement?

Secondly, only a camera shooting down the sideline instead of across it could have offered a definitive look at whether Will Parks had stepped on the sideline or not. It's time for the NFL to install pylon cameras that would provide that. Even Bill Belichick likes the notion and he doesn't like much.

And finally, call it 'Saints luck'. Look at the replay of Parks running down the sideline and into the history books. He looks like the only Bronco in the shot wearing solid white shoes, not orange or the two-toned pair. Had he worn a contrasting color to the white sideline, we would have had a good idea whether he was in or out. Players should not be permitted to wear all-white shoes.

Call the suggestions 'picking at nits' or the 'whine' made by stomping on sour grapes. But they make sense to me. How about you?

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