When you were born impacts your holiday shopping habit

When you were born impacts your holiday shopping habit

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - When you were born likely gives away some of your holiday shopping plans.

NerdWallet researchers studied holiday shopping habits of millennials, baby boomers and people in generation x.

Forty-nine percent of millennials considered themselves to be impulsive shoppers. That's more than baby boomers and people born in generation x. Other findings about millennials include that they are the least likely to think they would stick to their 2015 holiday budgets this year.

People in generation x plan to spend about $700 dollars this year, making them the biggest spenders. Other findings about people in this group include that they're almost twice as likely as people in the other groups to still be carrying debt from last year's holiday shopping season.

Baby boomers are the most likely to use a credit card to purchase gifts this year.

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