Trump supporters say critics need to give president-elect a chance

Trump supporters say critics need to give president-elect a chance

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - On the campaign trail President-elect Donald Trump promised he'd appear more presidential, and while his transition may not be as smooth as others, supporters like Jay Batt, who worked with the state's Trump campaign effort, argue his transition to the nation's statesman is already evident.

"He's been making the move to a more presidential tone, in fact, I wish the media and others would give him a chance like President Obama and Hillary Clinton have offered up. He deserves a chance to set his team into place without the saying that there's infighting and back-stabbing and all this other stuff, which is not true. Let the man breathe a little, get his team in place, and let's see what kind of results happen," Batt said.

FOX 8 political analyst Mike Sherman thinks this time is different, and because Trump is not a typical politician, he could face more criticism.

"Stylistically there's always a difference between campaigning and governing, but never have we seen such a bigger gap than what Donald Trump has been like on the campaign trail, which resulted in a successful campaign, and what people traditionally expect of a president and presidential demeanor," Sherman said.

Some of the criticism comes as the transition team works to make key Cabinet appointments, at times coming under fire for a perceived lack of preparation, but Batt argues that's the reason Trump was successful on Nov. 8.

"If I were in his shoes, I wouldn't have spent any energy setting up my Cabinet prior to the election. I would have put every ounce of energy I had into campaigning and working hard," Batt said.

Still, Trump hasn't stopped tweeting, and the president-elect isn't pulling punches, calling out major publications like the New York Times. Sherman says that breaks the norm, especially when most people expect a president to rise above.

"We've seen some glimpses of Donald Trump, particularly sitting next to President Obama, trying to act more Presidential according to what Americans typically expect, and then classic Donald Trump having a Twitter war with the New York Times is what we expected from Donald Trump as a candidate," Sherman said.

Supporters aren't buying it, though, saying there's no enigma, arguing that persona is the reason why Trump's next job comes with an office in the West Wing.

"A lot of people overlooked that because they wanted change, they wanted to knock the establishment out and bring in the new," Batt said.

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